To provide information about behaviour

You Can Handle Them All (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & android)

Designed for educators or parents as a quick resource for managing behaviour. Based on a book by the same title, it allows you to choose a category and type of behaviour, describes the behaviour, identifies causes, and offers quick actions to help manage a student’s behaviour. Does not measure behaviour.

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To observe behavior

School Psychology Tools (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & android)

Designed for psychologists, but the observation could be quite relevant for teachers and parents. Content for observations: interval, duration, frequency, ABC. Includes ability to record a peer for comparison. Says it can be customized for particular students, but focus is not on ADHD specifically.

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iBAA Behavioral Assessment App (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Designed for psychologists to help compile and summarise behavioural data. Includes qualitative observations (but guided with yes/no questions) as well as frequency, interval, ABC, environmental assessment and reporting. Can be customised to define behavioural categories and time intervals.

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Behaviour Assessment Pro (Vermont Behavioural Solutions)

Behaviour Assessment Pro is an iPhone, iTouch and iPad application that identifies factors related to problem behaviours. BAP was designed by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst for use by parents, teachers, therapists, behaviour analysts, special educators or anyone interested in supporting individuals with problem behaviours. Information is provided by informants to a three-part questionnaire. Multiple informants may enter information for each target behaviour. The entire assessment may take about 10-30 minutes to complete. The informant can complete the assessment in multiple sessions, if necessary. There is an option to use the actual written target behaviour definition in the questionnaire for a more personalized experience. Section 1 presents questions related to dimensional qualities of the target behaviour such as rate, duration and intensity. Section 2 presents questions about the function of the target behaviour, such as attention, escape, sensory stimulation, pain attenuation and tangibles. Each category receives an average score based upon the answers given. The behavioural functions with the highest scores receive follow-up questions in Section 3. BAP produces a password protected report in a PDF format. Reports can be grouped by the individual, the behaviour or by the informant. You select the password prior to attaching the document to an email message. Recipients must enter the correct password to view the report. Reports include a bar graph of the mean scores for each function assessed in Section 2. The information obtained can be used to guide direct observations, systematic manipulations, behaviour support plan development or for IEP purposes.

Behavior Tracker Pro (for autism) (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Designed for therapist, aides, teachers, parents. Designed originally for autism and to support behavioural treatment plans for children with Autism, but could be used more broadly. Measures include ABC, frequency, duration, and interval recording. Generates graphs, allows you to record videos.

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eCove Observation Software (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android, netbook)

Designed for administrators, teachers, coaches, peer observation, and researchers. Depending on the version, different tools are included (e.g. Autism Checklsit, Class Environement Tool, Gross Motor movements, Discipline Type, Interruptions by Student). It seems the focus is strongly on the quality of teaching and teacher self-reflection, for example using the Bloom’s Taxonomy to classify level of questions asked or answered by either teachers or students. There are some tools that could be relevant to ADHD like interruptions by student tool, on task coding, time on task, talking out of turn, etc.

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Teacher’s Class Behavior Pro

Designed for teachers but could be used by parents, preschool or playschool instructors. Can be used to monitor behaviours, but seems very basic and may only be event/frequency recording.

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To help manage classroom & Manage behaviour

Keep In Mind (Future Help Designs) (iPhone, iPod touch)

Behavioural intervention plans app for iPhone and iPod touch. Teachers/therapists/parents can create behaviour plans for individual children and set reminders to implement the intervention. Reminders appear at predetermined random or variable intervals. Information can sync between multiple devices to manage message delivery. Users can wirelessly transfer plans to and from managed device to ease plan implementation and follow-up. A built-in functionality allows users to customise plans to be re-purposed as templates for reuse.

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Class Dojo

A classroom app that helps teachers to improve behaviour in their classrooms through positive reinforcement points for students (as well as negative points for inappropriate behaviour). It also captures and generates data on behaviour that teachers can share with parents and administrators. The app for use with classroom interactive whiteboard/ laptop/ smart phone, allows a teachers to set up avatars for children in the class, and instantly award points to the avatars as target behaviours are noticed such as participating, homework completion, arriving on time (these are customizable for each class). ClassDojo gives behaviour-tracking analytics and reports that can be shared with parents and administrators. The students can connect with their account, change their avatars and review their progress (rewards) and reflect on their behaviour with notes. Parents can be linked to accounts to receive behaviour reports.

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Teacher’s Assistant Pro IPhone IOS, Mac

Teacher’s Assistant is designed to help with classroom organisation, recording student actions and sharing with parents. Data can be email or sms message to parents and imported/exported to Dropbox. Main focus of app is recording target actions such as late of class, returned homework, not specifically orientated towards ADHD or specific behavioural concerns.

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Class Tracker –TML Productions

Class tracker lets users create custom counters to track multiple actions for individual students such as desirable behaviours, rule infractions, privilege uses, etc. Tap counter to record behaviours, both desirable and undesirable. Also used for tracking use of privileges (like limited hall passes), material distribution, taking turns, handing in permission slips, as well as creating class checklist. Created primarily for behaviour tracking and classroom management. Users can track data for multiple counters for each individual student. Totals for all counters for each student can be exported by email in CSV format to be opened in a spreadsheet and/or recorded elsewhere. Every time data is recorded it is stored with a date/time stamp.

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Behaviour Management Book

Designed for kids (and parents).Includes positive statements and smiling faces (like a checklist for kids). For example, I can follow instructions, I can keep my hands to myself, then it can be set up to prompt that a reward should be given if they achieve a certain amount of positive statements.

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AttenGo (Web-Based)

The AttenGo training software addresses the root cause of the child’s ADHD and it is designed to improve learning skills, behavior, and daily functioning for children aged 6 and up. AttenGo is based on neurocognitive technology that stimulates beta brain waves, which improves core cognitive skills. These include attention, concentration, controlling impulsivity, organization skills, and responsiveness. Training will help the children to complete their homework and prepare for examinations. It will contribute to better self-management, self-control, as well as for their social skills. The main difference of AttenGo with similar video and computer games is that it does not rely on high levels of excitement and stimulation to keep children engaged. Instead, it provides a low-stimulus environment, similar to that of a classroom, using activities that will challenge and motivate the child in order to make progress and improve scores. It also provides real-time feedback, statistics, graphs, and scores that encourage the child to improve and help the parent to track progress. AttenGo works at two levels: - At the cognitive level it develops and strengthens attention, concentration, memory, planning, visual and auditory perception, and more. - At the neurological level it stimulates the brain and quickens brain-wave activity. This improves attention and concentration. With better blood flow to the frontal lobe, the reception of neurotransmitters such as dopamine improves. The whole process seems to be very easy. After signing up, an ADHD student will complete a short questionnaire and a ten-minute online assessment, then AttenGo creates a customized program tailored to the student’s needs. Here it has to be noted that AttenGo is an auto-adapting software which monitors the student’s progress and changes the exercises to make them fit their current performance at all times. Comprehensive information about AttenGo can be found at site of the application.

ICT solution for adult ADHD

CP On Time (iOS & Android)

This iOS application is based on the belief that smartphone apps can provide practical, cost-effective personalized tools for individuals with adult ADHD. Towards this goal, Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill has developed the CP On Time based on their clinical experience with adult ADHD. The app is designed to help those with adult ADHD get to work, school, or any other appointment in their day – or get to bed – on time every day. The app prompts the user to enter your personal bedtime, morning, or other routines, along with an estimate of time for each task in the routine, such as shower, brushing teeth, waking the children, etc. The app then asks you to enter the time of the relevant appointment (or bedtime), and how late you were the day before. Based on all of this data, we have created a formula to automatically set the alarm clock for the time that you need to start your routine, in order to be on time for your appointment or bedtime. CP On Time was recently re-designed to enable users to set as many customized alarms as needed throughout the day. The app was developed to be flexible, to work with any schedule and to accommodate the needs of any adult with ADHD. This app contains some things that should be noted. First, there is no snooze button, which is very important! Snooze buttons create more time confusion for people suffering from ADHD. If someone needs some time to lie in bed before getting up, that can be added into your morning routine, but he/she should not use this time to snooze. Second, after entering a routine, the app does not give you a total time for the routine. When shown the total time for a routine, most people with ADHD will be surprised at the length of time; they will go back and change the times on their routine to make the total time shorter. This is common with underestimation of time and leads to being chronically late. Third, ADHDers may be surprised at how early they need to start a given routine! For example, patients with ADHD often require 2+ hours in the morning to wake up, get through their routine, and get to work/school. This may seem excessive, but starting the day on time is critical to succeed throughout the day. Comprehensive information about CP On Time can be found at iTunes.

Adult ADHD (iOS)

Adult ADHD is an informative app for adults with ADHD or ADD. The app has the following functions: 1. An ADHD screening quiz that includes 50 questions, which have been found to be the most predictive of DSM-IV-TR symptoms consistent with ADHD. This quiz is adapted from the symptom checklist developed in conjunction with the World Health Organization and researchers from New York University and Harvard Medical School. 2. A medicine calculator. Based on your weight and age the calculator shows the maximum and average dose for all common ADHD drugs. Because the dose response to ADHD medication varies, this is only a guideline. 3. General information about ADHD in adults. 4. Advice (nutritional supplements, time management, etc) for adults with ADHD. 5. The latest news about ADHD in adults. Comprehensive information about Adult ADHD can be found at iTunes.

To help Learning

Captain’s Log Personal Trainer (PC)

Captain’s Log Personal Trainer (CLPT) is based on extensive scientific research and clinical experience. The CLPT’s 50 programs provide children with over 2000 different exercises to train twenty different cognitive skills. At the same time, children can target specific behavioral tracks, such as patience, focus, listening, response control and mental processing speed. The depth of the content provides them with a wide variety of challenging tasks to assure success in training whatever cognitive skills they select. I contains 10 different modules in order to train specific cognitive skills. Each one of these modules is briefly described next:

Comprehensive information about CLPT can be found at the site of the application.

BrainBuilder (PC)

BrainBuilder is a computer-based brain-fitness training program that is designed to assess and build auditory and visual sequential processing abilities. With as little as ten minutes of daily mental exercise powerful gains can be made using BrainBuilder in short-term memory and thinking skills. In an intensive series of adaptive, interactive exercises, BrainBuilder trains the brain to expand its ability to sequentially process auditory and visual information. Sequential processing is fundamental to all learning activities, communication, social interaction and higher order cognitive functions. It can be used for:

Comprehensive information about BrainBuilder can be found at site of the application.

Cogmed (Web-Based)

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a software-based program designed for children with ADD and ADHD. Cogmed claims that 80 percent of its participants have experienced significant improvement in their concentration and problem-solving skills. The five-week Cogmed program is coach-supported and conducted at home with telephone assistance. The Cogmed training method consists of 25 training sessions done online, each 30-45 minutes long. Each session consists of a selection of various tasks that target the different aspects of working memory. The training is done online at home, in school, or at work. The standard program is five weeks long with five sessions every week. Cogmed Working Memory Training is built around three age-specific software applications, for preschoolers, for School-age and for adults. All these versions are based on the same underlying design and algorithms, while their main differences are focused in the user interface. There are four key-concepts of Cogmed software, which are responsible for the substantial and lasting benefits: