Behaviour Management

Uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that combines cognitive and metacognitive strategies with behaviour modification techniques, aiming at reducing problematic areas such as impulsivity, attention seeking and personal activities.

Behaviour Modification Techniques

Support for families

Parents should be guided to consider their own ADHD child as a resource.

  • Increasing positive feedback and positive reinforcement
  • Reducing expectations
  • Helping to manage frustrations about homework difficulties
  • Managing monitoring in positive, supporting and caring ways
Intervention strategies at home

Support for School

When teachers use the ABC approach they can learn to prevent problems by altering the Antecedents (events that occur before the challenging behaviour). They can begin to see that common antecedents can be physically based, environmentally based, related to specific times, performance or skill based, by a demand, or even by a specific person.

Teachers will benefit from support to manage academic performance and environmental factors such as:

  • Providing close monitoring and supervision
  • Increasing cuing and prompts
  • Addressing skill deficits
Intervention Strategies at School
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